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Photovoltaic perovskite cells

Saule Technologies is developing revolutionary, light-weight and low-cost solar cells in a form of thin, flexible foil.

What makes Saule perovskite solar cells unique?


The inkjet printing technique allows the design of free form perovskite solar modules.


Perovskite cells are resistant to damage caused by bending and folding.


Almost the complete range of semi-transparency is obtainable.


The thickness of a solar cell is thinner than a human hair.

Light weight

The weight of the solar cell is very low due to technology applied.

Tunable color

The product may be engineered to a range of available colors with relative ease.

Artificial / low light operation

Due to the unique feature of the perovskite material, the solar cells generate power even when illuminated by weak light sources. It allows the operation in cloudy conditions, low incident angles, and even in artificial light. It provides a more reliable power production and allows implementation in areas where traditional solar cells are not viable.

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Perovskite solar cells glass lamination tests

Perovskite solar cells printed on ultra-thin foil have a wide range of possible applications including building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Architects extensively utilize glass for both transparent and opaque facade elements which brings new opportunities and new...

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