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Halide perovskites are excellent solar energy harvesting materials, with lab-scale efficiencies already exceeding established thin-film technologies such as CdTe and CIGS. Perovskites offer a plethora of well-working compositions and variations, and their optoelectronic properties make it a very versatile semiconductor. This quality stems from simple processing, that enables low-temperature methods compatible with flexible substrates (e.g. plastic foil). Unlike crystalline silicon, perovskites perform well under low-light illumination. As the large-scale adaptation of solar energy is usually constrained by economic viability, we believe that offering a low-cost alternative is the key point for a success.

Ink-jet printing

The inkjet printing technique allows the design of free-form perovskite solar modules. The shapes and areas covered by each layer can be customized according to the requirements.


Ink-jet printing enables the creation of custom patterns and processing in ambient conditions with a negligible waste of materials. This is facilitated by the drop on demand approach, which is accomplished by driving the nozzles with a piezoelectric material. When the ink-jet head reaches the targeted location, a voltage signal is used to alter the shape of the transducer forcing the drops out of the nozzles. It results in a high-resolution printing that only deposits the materials where it is needed. Lower costs associated with capital and operational expenditures when compared with other techniques such as slot-die coating bring opportunity for significant reductions in the price of the product.

What are the main advantages of Saule’s technology?

Our team is working to develop cost-competitive and versatile solar energy harvesting technology.


  • Flexibility & Light-weight
  • Low-light performance
  • Custom design


  • Commercially available materials
  • Ambient processing
  • Easy scaling


  • Economical ingredients
  • High performance
  • Straightforward infrastructure

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Saule Perovskite Solar Cells are under development. Prototype production line launch is planned for the 4th quarter of 2019.