Did you know that most popular technologies of converting solar energy are from the 70’s?

Saule Technologies is working on developing perovskite cells that can make a revolution. Perovskites are great absorbers of all light. Even ultra-thin layers of perovskites, 1/10 of the thickness of a human hair, can absorb all the incoming sunlight.

Additionally, in comparison to silicon perovskites are soluble. That is why our scientists have designed an ink based on perovskites and used it to print, yes print, solar cells on a flexible foil.

The cells are produced with the use of very cheap materials and a low amount of them (reduction of material consumption can be decreased three times). This, in addition to our own design printing method, allows to produce perovskite cells at a very low cost, even up to 50% less than traditional solar cells.

When will this technology be available?

We have already presented a demonstration device able to charge a smartphone with solar energy. By the end of 2017 we plan to launch our test production line and we want to introduce the fully operational and large scale product by 2019.


Our company uses Wrocław Technology Park’s laboratories.