In the context where decarbonizing the energy-mix is becoming a priority challenge for European countries among others, European universities, research institutes, and industries involved in the development of perovskite technologies have agreed to the creation of a collaborative platform: the EPKI.

The European Perovskite Initiative is dedicated to gathering all significant parties working in this field and is pursuing the following objectives:

  • Raise the awareness on perovskite-based photovoltaics by conveying a common vision through the editing of a common European perovskite whitepaper,
  • Support and initiate next-generation PV industrial initiatives,
  • Facilitate joint-research programs and synergies among universities, institutes, and companies.

We’re glad to be joining forces with partners such as Solliance, University of Oxford, CEA – Institut National de l’Energie Solaire, Austrian Institute of Technology and many more.

You can download the press release including more details here.