Henn-na Hotel in Japan, world’s most technologically advanced hotel, officially features perovskite technology developed by Saule Technologies.

Henn-na Hotel is the world most technologically advanced hotel and the world-first to be staffed by robots. The last opened facility makes a part of Huis Ten Bosh – country and world known entertainment resort owned by Mr Hideo Sawada.

Since its opening in 1992, the resort has worked on environment protection continually and had launched a range of different procedures aiming to interweave providence of the best service with sustainability and protection of the environment. In order to reduce waste and act in more sustainable way, it successfully carries its own water, electricity and garbage recycling system. However, although the list of already existing pro-environment solutions is already impressive, new solutions towards making Huis Ten Bosh more efficient are implemented throughout the time.

The aim of Mr Hideo Sawada is not only to increase efficiency by reducing the number of manpower, but also make the Henn-na Hotel electrically sustainable. Believing the perovskite solar cells may be a solution and therefore introducing it as a part of the Henn-na Hotel latest tech-solutions, it made it the first hospitality facility in the world to have perovskite technology adapted. That without the doubt has highlighted this hotel amongst others, making it unique and the most technologically advanced one on Earth.

CTO and co-founder of Saule Technologies Olga Malinkiewicz took part in the opening ceremony of Henn-na Hotel this Thursday, presenting the great potential of perovskite solar cells developed by the company. The sign of the hotel had been powered by the energy straight from perovskite panel, luminating it and providing the audience with a successful demonstration of perovskite cells in practise.

“It was a great honour for me to take part in such a marvellous opening ceremony”, says Olga. “I am also very grateful for the support the company has in Mr Sawada. The perovskite technology has a great industrial potential and we truly believe it a thing worth fighting for.”

Saule Technologies can proudly announce that is the pioneering commercial prototype demonstration Saule Technologies has held and it has been effectively accomplished. The look of the prototype is still far away from its final, intentional form, but thanks to the technological progress of the works the more advanced cells are being developed, being that also present themselves better, as it comes to the point with the latest A4 cell.

The overwhelming success of commercial use prototype for Henn-na Hotel is a great proof that Saule Technologies has improved and mastered the perovskite printing process to the level allowing for industrialisation and commercialisation of the product. The future of perovskite is truly believed in, and therefore the works on the world first production line dedicated only for the perovskite production have been started.  The world’ first, large-scale prototype production line (factory is located in Wrocław, Poland) will be ready at the end of 2019.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without a great help of Mr Sawada, who support current company’s action in the great manner.


Main photo: Olga Malinkiewicz present Saule Technologies perovskite solar panel in front of Henn-Na Hotel, Huis Ten Bosh, Japan.

Second photo: latest A4 Saule Technologies perovskite solar panel.