Perovskite solar cells printed on ultra-thin foil have a wide range of possible applications including building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Architects extensively utilize glass for both transparent and opaque facade elements which brings new opportunities and new challenges for the photovoltaic industry.

Due to its versatility, perovskite solar cells became an obvious candidate for facades, including windows. In contrary to silicon-based solar cells, a technology developed by Saule allows implementing a design friendly energy harvesting solutions.

To meet the needs of the market our team is working on the best possible method for Saule solar cells integration with glass elements of building facades.

We are currently working on the solar cells glass lamination. Our engineering team is testing different approaches and consulting results with our industry partners to find the best possible solutions. The goal is to meet two major needs of the construction industry: effective solar energy harvesting and design friendly solutions applicable to modern buildings. – comments Piotr Krych, co-founder and CEO at Saule Technologies.

First glass lamination tests are expected to be finalised this year. At the same time, we invite glass and window manufacturers interested in the implementation of Saule solar cells into their future products to cooperation.

Picture: Saule perovskite solar cell laminated with glass in solar simulator chamber.