Cooperation of SME’s and big companies are the basis of innovation development in Poland

Reports and rankings confirm, that Poland is not an innovation leader and is unfortunately far behind the top countries. That is why the Polish government announced a significant investment in the R&D sector. But is that enough to change the situation in our country? Can innovations be introduced through cooperation between SME’s and big companies? Saule Technologies, representatives of the largest Polish companies, the government and universities discussed this at the seminar "Ways of Gaining Innovation and Development of the Innovative Economy" organized by the Employers of Poland.

Our company was represented by Artur Kupczunas, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Saule Technologies. During the seminar he presented our approach to finding an investor and methods of cooperation with science institutions and potential business partners. He underlined that: ‘Already on the laboratory stage you have to predict the difficulties of scaling the production in industrial conditions. You also have to think how to respond to the needs of potential clients, because any change, after the project is finished can be very expensive or difficult to introduce’.


Currently, we are working on a test production line and opening the second investment round, which will allow us to start mass production of perovskite cells on flexible foils.


Summary of the seminar is available at this link.