Saule Technologies encourages to invest in Renewable Energy Sources

At February 6th Artur Kupczunas, Saule Technologies Co-founder and Vice president, took part in the ‘Zmieniamy Polski Przemysł Forum’ (We Change the Polish Industry Forum) in Warsaw. He talked about the future of the energy sector and technology development.

Artur was a speaker during the ‘2030: horizons of the Polish and global energetics. Forecasts and dilemmas’ panel. He discussed these subjects together with board members and CEO’s of key energy companies in Poland, such as ENEA SA, Tauron Polska Energia, Energa SA, Veolia, Engie Polska and CEZ. In his speech Artur addressed that Poland must be ready for new technologies, that will replace existing ones in terms of environmental sustainability and production cost, much faster than we could think. He also pointed out that it is very easy to miss the opportunity for technological development and at some point it may be too late to make a change.


The Forum was organized by PTWP SA publisher of ‘Nowy Przemysł’ magazine and portal. More information about the Forum and panel are available at this link.