Saule Technologies encourages to work on future energy innovations during New Industry Congress

Piotr Krych, CEO of Saule Technologies took part in the 13th edition of the New Industry Congress organized by PTWP Group.

The New Industry Congress is the most important meeting of the energy sector in Poland taking on the current problems of the sector. Every year the Congress gathers board members of leading energy companies, representatives of authorities and many experts. Piotr Krych took part in the ‘Technology of the future and energy market – examples’ panel. The CEO of Saule Technologies encouraged the State Treasury companies to cooperate on developing future energy innovations. He also presented the model of cooperation between science and business, talked about problems of Polish startups and the development of perovskite cells.


As a result meetings with board members of the biggest energy companies in Poland are planned in the following weeks. The meetings will cover their participation in development of new energy technologies developed by Saule scientists.


The New Industry Congress took place in Warsaw at September 19-20.