Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Jaroslaw Gowin visiting Saule Technologies laboratories

'Saule Technologies may be an example of the fact that in Poland, there is some room for development of innovative projects' said Jaroslaw Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, during his visit in Saule Technologies laboratories. 

On 5 May, 2016, Wrocław Technology Park was visited by Jaroslaw Gowin – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education, and Paweł Hreniak – Lower Silesian Voivodeship governor.

The Deputy Prime Minister, together with the provincial governor of Lower Silesia, had an opportunity to meet the team of Saule Technologies scientists and also to see the company’s laboratories located in Wrocław Technology Park.


The main point of the visit was a press conference at which the Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin talked about the need for change in the Polish economy to encourage young scientists to stay and develop their projects in Poland. Deputy Prime Minister discussed dangers of so-called ‘middle income trap’. It is pledged, among others, by a low rate of funding which is provided to the education by the Polish government. Currently, it amounts to less than 1 percent of GDP.


Nonetheless, there is some room for innovation in Poland. Jaroslaw Gowin talked about the innovative economy, taking the case of Olga Malinkiewicz and her company Saule Technologies, established together with Piotr Krych and Artur Kupczunas. This case of combining science and business shows that there are conditions for the development of the most innovative and groundbreaking projects in Poland.