Olga Malinkiewicz with ‘For contribution to Poland and Polish people’ award

During this year's TVP Polonias' awards, Olga Malinkiewicz, CTO Saule Technologies, received a 'For contributions for Poland and Polish people abroad ' statuette.

TVP Polonia’s ‘For contribution to Poland and Polish people abroad’ award is a prestigious distinction given to unique personalities of the world of science, business, politics and sports. Starting from 1995, these awards go to personalities who promote a positive image of Poland and Polish people in the international arena through their activities


During this year’s gala Olga Malinkiewicz, CTO Saule Technologies, was awarded. The jury appreciated the contributions to science brought by Olga Malinkiewicz through developing cheaper methods of producing solar cells based on perovskites.


This year’s laureates were also Zofia Boris, Aleksandra Kurzak, Agnieszka Radwańska, Jan Czuryłowicz and Piotr Małoszewski. All the winners received a statuette depicting Frederic Chopin.


Prestigeous gala was held on May 2, 2016 in the Royal Castle in Warsaw and was broadcasted live on TVP Polonia. The recording of this event can be seen online on TVP’s website.