Polish perovskite solar cells attract Japanese investor

Thursday the 10th of September 2015 is the day Saule Technologies team will long remember. After a year of building relations in international market and intensive research the company signs an investment deal with Hideo Sawada, one of the biggest Japanese investors. The event coincides with another success – Saule Technologies received governmental subsidy from The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).

Today, in the presence of the Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Janusz Piechociński, an investment agreement was signed between Hideo Sawada and Saule Technologies, a company set up by the young physicist Olga Malinkiewicz.


Hideo Sawada, one of the most prominent Japanese businessmen, holder of stakes in over a dozen companies. The deal with Saule Technologies is yet another Sawada’s investment in a project related to the renewable sources of energy.

‘We are proud to obtain such a significant investor only a year after we launched Saule Technologies. The liaison with Hideo Sawada means easier access not only to the Japanese, but also to the Asian market in general. With this deal we prove that we are entering the global market with small yet sure steps. We will continue our research on the use of perovskite cells in cooperation with the best experts from all over the world. We are going to accelerate work on implementing the technology’, emphasises Piotr Krych, President of Saule Technologies.

Poland backs the novel technology’s entry to the global market

In August the company received a decision of receiving a state subsidy from the National Centre for Research and Development (a Polish government agency). Thanks to this support and the Japanese investor engagement Saule Technologies will achieve its key goal and speed up commercialization of the invention.