Saule Technologies meeting with the Airbus representatives

In the most recent episode of the sequel “Mission Impossible” one can admire a product created by Airbus Defence & Space – heavy military transport aircraft A400M. Are we going to see in the next movie perovskite cells developed by Saule Technologies?

On Monday the 7th of August Saule Technologies executive board met in Ottobrun near Munchen with Airbus Defence & Space representatives. Scope of potential cooperation was defined. Possibilities of implementation of perovskite cells in aeronautical industry were discussed. The first meeting was promising. Is the innovative Saule Technologies product going to make “Mission impossible” possible? We hope so!

‘Saule Technologies gradually expands its presence in a Global Market. We are really happy that we can share our experience, and create new product together with the biggest and the most experienced global brands. Our visit to the Airbus headquarters was very fruitful, because we quickly defined common objectives and strategy. We are really pleased to collaborate with Airbus engineers,’ explains Artur Kupczunas, Saule Technologies vice president.