Saule Technologies Introduces

Ultrathin, printable
semitransparent solar cells

1/10 of human hair with inkjet printer 30 to 70%

On every surface imaginable

Saule Technologies delivers revolutionary solar panels in the form of low-cost flexible and lightweight foil.

The process usesA custom inkjet printer

Drawing of a printer
  1. 01 Room temperature


  2. 02 Industrial speeds

    Up to 100 meters per minute

  3. 03 Commonly available materials

    Amonium and lead salts

Resulting inA unique power generating material


As little as 200 g/m²

Semi transparent

From 30 to 70% transparency possible


Can be rolled in and out without damaging cell structure

Various colors

All colors available for demand

The applicationsAre virtually unlimited

Electronics Textiles Buildings Cars Space Habs

Our technology works with artificial light as well

Low costs. Great flexibilityOur production method will allow to decrease the cost even by 50% compared to other technologies



The materials used to produce the cells are commonly available (they are not Rare Earth Elements), cheap and easy to synthesize.



The production process does not require high temperatures, which decreases the energy used during the process. Thereby the production cost is lower than the cost of manufacturing traditional cells.



Utilization of glass silicon cells requires high temperatures. Using foil as a substrate for the cells makes the utilization process much easier.

Our technology will allow “green energy” for the first time to compete with traditional energy in terms of costs.